Catering Equipment

Specialist Manufacture

Our dedicated teams, consisting of bespoke design and multi material manufacture, allow us to provide tailored catering solutions.

Extract Canopies

By carrying out a site survey, Keemlaw Catering Equipment can assess ventilation requirements and submit commercial kitchen ventilation design plans.

Bars & Serveries

Our unique, multi-material workshop allows the customer complete freedom of choice when it comes to functionality, satisfying all elements of design.

Catering Equipment

We supply all sizes and types of catering equipment, our focus is on quality and we only stock brands that we trust and that are value for money.


Our dishwasher tabling is constructed entirely from stainless steel, compatible with major dishwasher manufacturers specifications.


Keemlaw will ensure you comply with health and safety regulations and minimise waste, through investing in the correct refrigeration.

Catering Utensils & Tableware

Our utensils and tableware selection includes all manner of kitchen equipment, with everything you need from preparation to presentation.

Catering Sales

Our sale team has years of experience and will help you make the correct purchase decision. We can deliver your ideal catering solutions.


Opening soon the Kent based showroom will stock a large collection of catering equipment.