Kitchen Extraction Systems

Essential for a professional kitchen

Commercial kitchen ventilation that is properly designed, manufactured and installed is an essential part of every professional kitchen environment.  Ventilation systems enable busy kitchens to function efficiently and safely and also provide a comfortable working place for staff.  It is particularly important where the cooking station is located in relation to front of house. 

Removing heat and grease generated from cooking equipment, along with steam from cooking processes, dishwasher systems and other kitchen equipment is an essential requirement of the kitchen. 

Effective ventilation systems

For a commercial kitchen ventilation system to be effective it is important to achieve air balance.  Air being removed from the kitchen should be replaced using make up air or an air input system.  This make up air can be delivered in a variety of ways depending on the food service establishment requirement and the amount of air changes required.

By carrying out a site survey, Keemlaw Catering Equipment can assess ventilation requirements and submit commercial kitchen ventilation design plans for required planning permissions if needed.

Commercial kitchen ventilation design may include the following:

  • carbon filtration systems
  • grease mesh filters or baffle filters
  • variable speed controllers
  • air input systems - make up air systems
  • fire suppression systems
  • lighting
  • odour control units
  • Gas Safety Requirement

Stainless steel extraction canopies & extractor hoods

Keemlaw Catering Equipment manufacture and install stainless steel extraction canopies as a one off or they can be provided as part of a larger new build kitchen or refurbishment project.  Commercial, stainless steel extraction canopies and extractor hoods can also be manufactured and supplied ready for your own installation team to fit.

  • constructed from stainless steel
  • fabricated to include a drip channel
  • drip channel ensures easy cleaning
  • manufactured to HVCA specification for kitchen ventilation systems DW / 172