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Summer Movie Night Theme

Summer Movie Night

Summer is a magical time of the year.  The warmer evenings are to be enjoyed, bedtimes go out of the window, and children and adults generally stay out and play longer.  A great way to enjoy the summer nights is to host an outdoor movie night and here’s how.


Step One  – Choose a movie

The success of your outdoor movie night is going to depend on the choice of movie.  When selecting your movie think about your audience, if it’s a mixture of adults and children animated classics are always popular.  An outdoor movie night is a great way to theme an event, for example a ‘romantic classic’ is perfect for an engagement party.  


Step Two – Audience, invite your guests

Send out invitations to your guests, it’s a good idea to add a note asking your guests to bring with them their own pillows and blankets, it’s important to be comfy when watching the movie.


Step Three – What equipment you will need

The equipment needed to set up your outdoor cinema you probably already have, if not you can either borrow or hire. 


-      A projector, a basic projector is all you need.  If you don’t have one or can’t borrow a projector, a quick local Google search for an audiovisual equipment supplier offering a rental service will be able to help.

-      Laptop/Projector cable, an ordinary laptop and single cable connection is pretty much all you need.

-      Speakers, a decent set of desktop speakers will do the job, some projectors have built in speakers, but it is always a good idea to check the sound quality.

-      Screen, all you need is a double white bed sheet, what can prove a problem is finding where you can hang it.  Simply drape the sheet over a tall garden fence and secure with clamps.  Another option is to tape the sheet firmly to a glazed patio door.

-      Extension cable, you will need to run power from the house to the garden; an extension cable could be needed.


Step Four – Set Up

Depending on the size of your garden the projector needs to be no more that five metres from the screen.  It’s always best to test your equipment and play around with light and sound to iron out any issues before your showing.  Showing a movie after dark is best, so think about putting up some fairy lights, they look pretty and help to create a magical atmosphere.


Seating, deckchairs work well, but you may not have enough, so mix and match.  Use rugs, blankets, and cushions, this will guarantee comfy viewing for your guests.


Step Five – Movie Treats

Treats are what make a movie night a great movie night.   Search online you will discover some yummy popcorn recipes.


That’s everything covered, lets us know how you get on.


Happy Summer from Keemlaw