About Us

What we believe

 Keemlaw has maintained their company ethos since they opened for business in 1971.  As a company we recognise that corporate responsibility is essential and believe that it drives good business, securing our position within the catering equipment sector:

Purchasing  - Keemlaw Backs Britain Stance

Buying British can be difficult.  Today, UK manufactured equipment and products represent just 6% of Keemlaw’s 60,000-product range.  The growing economic pressures over the decades has forced Keemlaw and many other businesses like them, to source more and more of their equipment and products overseas.  Keemlaw, like many other UK manufacturers, want to stop this spiral of decline; their Buy British stance is campaigning to promote British manufacturing and to encourage British businesses and consumers to Buy British.

Environment - Protection

Environmental protection and a commitment to sustainable development in general have always been among our key concerns.  This is reflected in the fact that environmental protection is addressed in all areas of the company.  For example, all our waste is sorted and where possible recycled.  Our choice of manufacturing materials and processes takes into account their environmental impact.  Our purchasing policy for supply of catering equipment looks for efficiency with maximum productivity, but minimal environmental impact.

The Customer - Number One Priority

As a company Keemlaw has always looked at what its customer needs.  Meeting our customer needs has grown the business and future business depends on it.  Across all business functions, customers will benefit from our experience, extensive market knowledge and drive to exceed customer expectations through delivering quality products on time and in budget. 


The Keemlaw family culture has attracted both professional and skilled people; the work environment has successfully retained good people, ensuring the company delivers a quality service.  This high quality service is what the company reputation is based on.  The differing business functions have created a diversity of roles in all areas of business.