Keemlaw’s design team will sit down and work closely with customers to develop ideas into reality.  Keemlaw has a depth of experience and skills to draw upon and support the design team presenting innovative yet cost effective solutions, working with the constraints presented and taking into account the current industry trends.


Our own in-house fabrication team will work with you to overcome any on site constraints to create a truly bespoke pre-fabricated solution to reduce time and installation costs.  Having the fabrications in-house means we have direct access and control over items such as sinks, cupboards, workstations and other bespoke custom built items.  They also work closely with Keemlaw’s project manager, designers and engineers.

Welding and Polishing

When providing a bespoke fabrication service we can weld and polish all metals to a high quality hygienic finish.  If it is impractical to complete the project in our own factory we provide an on-site welding team.


We have the expertise and equipment to spray metal structures, coating them to protect against corrosion and to provide a décor finish to fit in with the overall scheme.