Shear Hydraulic

Shear hydraulic equipment in our factory means that we can cut a wide range of metals to the precise measurements dictated by the bespoke design of your installation.

CNC Forming

Keemlaw has a superior onsite precision 4-metre press brake machine, which bends a variety of materials accurately in order to meet our customer’s quality standards.  We can make almost anything with this machinery and find a solution to turn your dreams into a reality.

MIG and TIG Welders

Keemlaw has the advantage of having either Metal Inert Gas welding (MIG) or Tungsten Inert Gas welding (TIG) available when manufacturing your bespoke design taking into account the precision of the weld required, cost and set up time.  TIG welding is cleaner and provides a more precise and quality weld although takes longer and is more costly; MIG is more accessible and quicker, resulting in less cost although it is less reliable.  We will talk you through the options to help you come to the best decision.


Our mechanically operated punching machines are vital for making the correctly sized and positioned holes and shapes for the tailor made parts of your installation, ready for assembly on site.


Keemlaw has a wide range of drilling equipment on site to cover the wide range of drilling requirements that come with constructing a bespoke kitchen or restaurant facility.


Keemlaw’s advanced sawing machines and trained operating staff ensure the most effective use of materials when constructing bespoke sections.  This keeps the waste and therefore cost down for everyone involved not to mention a good quality and neat finish to each part.

Plasma Cutting

Keemlaw uses the newest technology available in plasma cutting.  Effective and efficient cutting is important in the bespoke process to improve precision and speed, at the same time reducing cost and overall wastage of materials.


Keemlaw have equipped the factory with top of the range polishing wheels to make sure the quality of the bespoke build of your installation is matched by the finish.  The polishing process has been enhanced over many years of experience at Keemlaw.  Whether the finish is the first thing a client notices when they walk into the establishment or on the installed equipment the staff use every day, the quality finish will only improve the overall experience and ensure a positive outcome for both.