Racking and Shelves

Shelving and racking that is properly organised helps to run a more productive, efficient and safe operation.  Within a commercial kitchen there are many different storage requirements, dry food, fresh produce and equipment.  We had designed and manufacture a range of stainless steel storage systems, which meet the storage requirements of a busy commercial kitchen.  Although metal systems are generally more expensive than other plastic of wooden alternatives, the Keemlaw commercial catering storage systems are highly durable, easy to clean and require little or no maintenance.  It’s worth remembering, a well oragnised kitchen will reduce waste and increase productivity as everything can easily be found.  


−Keemlaw commercial catering storage systems have been designed to make cleaning quick and easy.  

−Made from 304 grade of stainless steel the furniture meets hygiene standards and is corrosion resistant.


Keemlaw stainless steel storage rack design options

−Streamline design allows units to be suited together and sit flush against walls

−Delivered fully assembled

−Solid shelves

−Adjustable feet creating a level work surface

−Complete with wall tie

−Variable height shelving

−Available in different sizes 

−Extra shelves

−Perforated shelves

−Wire shelves 


Keemlaw stainless steel wall shelf design options

−Delivered fully assembled

−Predrilled brackets

−Available in different sizes

−Increased shelf support to hold up to (insert weight measurement)


Keemlaw stainless steel chef shelf design options

−Delivered fully assembled

−Predrilled brackets

−Available in different sizes 

−Shelf lighting 

−Double tier 

−Three tier

−Single tier


The Keemlaw family operation allows you to be fully involved in the design, guaranteeing you end up with a commercial catering storage system that is a perfect fit to your catering environment and delivers your ideal catering solution.

To discuss your needs for catering furniture call the design team on 01622 717177.