Panel Cutting

Having the ability to cut our own wood panels with precision and manage complex constraints is a vital ingredient in supporting our bespoke design, production and installation service.  Importance is not only given to the look of the final product, but also the quality and strength of the structure, improving the lifetime of your installation.


Bespoke solutions at Keemlaw and in particular cabinetry work, often require our in-house wood routing expertise to hollow out an area in the face of a relatively hard piece of material.


Well-made and designed parts can be ruined through a poor assembly.  Keemlaw recognise this and bring in their own assembly team who work closely with their designers and factory to make sure the bespoke benefits are protected and enhanced at the assembly stage.


Keemlaw make sure that a quality wood construction is improved further through the application of their wood spraying service.  Whatever your bespoke solution, we have a finish for you and use both modern and traditional techniques to obtain the finish that works best for our clients.