Bespoke wooden solutions remain popular in the catering industry and Keemlaw did not hesitate to invest in new CAD integrated routing machine technology improving the complexity of design achievable and minimising wastage of expensive materials.


Keemlaw focus on wood moulding techniques and modern machinery to achieve a unique finish for the client or to make sure a complex installation fit can be made to look seamless through the contact points.

Panel Saw

Keemlaw focus on making sure that large sections of wood are accurately cut according to specific dimensions using its range of panel saws to cover all possibilities.  This means that your build fits the design instead of being limited by the equipment available.

Bench Saw

Keemlaw uses its bench saws when a job requires the closer attention to detail that comes with a bespoke installation.  The comprehensive range of cutting equipment available in the factory means that we have a tool to cover all bespoke plans our designers can throw at us.


Precise wood trimming and smoothing is an important ingredient for Keemlaw in making sure a design remains truly bespoke, especially when client location constraints are in play.  We also have the staff capable of using this high precision equipment and finishing the job with pride.


With the amount of surface space present in a bespoke solution, Keemlaw believes a good sander is an indispensible tool for our workshop staff when sanding and polishing.  They pride themselves on a smooth finish, and the tool’s versatility and fit with the material is of upmost importance.